Incorporated in 2018, OnPoint ZW has
prided itself on providing a quality product and timely delivery for over a year.
Located at 2761B Horwe St Ruwa,
OnPoint ZW is the premier
fabrication company in Harare and one
of the fastest growing in Zimbabwe.
OnPoint ZW remains under the guidance
and leadership of its original owner who
founded the company on the principle of
“deliver it right, on time, the first time”.
We have built a business on this standard,
and can point to countless projects in
our short history that document the
effectiveness of this philosophy.
As we undertake new projects, we are
continually searching for ways to
improve performance and help our
customers’ business succeed.


Many of our staff have been in the business
for over 10 years. We have second generation employees with fathers and sons working side by side.


We believe that our greatest asset is our
employees. Continual training and incentive
programs have led to an exemplary safety
track record.

Key Points

• Innovation in manufacturing.
• Dedication to proper project execution.
• Operating philosophy to “do it right, on
time, the first time”.
• Unmatched safety and training record.
• Large shop facility with water and rail